#AntonioStradivari #guitars were just finished. Now there has been an article for the Guild of American #Luthiers and multiple guitarists have tried out and were astonished by these ultra light guitars

Antonio Stradivari: guitar maker #AntonioStradivari #guitars #luthiers

Dutch Luthier Jan van Cappelle  began making instruments at the age of fourteen, during a dull family vacation. After dropping out of high school he went to Belgium and graduated from the International Lutherie School Antwerp (ILSA)  

The Dutch Luthier

You’re probably familiar with the name ‘Stradivarius’ and his famous, highly prized and priced violins. Every once in a while we hear about a violin out of his shop that broke all records at an auction. Or – just as often – we hear about scientists who now finally unravelled the infamous ‘Secret of Stradivari’, or might have found yet another fabulous solution to surpass the old master.

A nice portrait of Stradivari working in he shop. That’s how we like to see a luthier; as a lonely genius working his magic in a cosy shop. But this is a romantic projection…

The ‘Secret’

Many of the investigations after Stradivari tend to focus on the ‘Lost Varnish Recipe’, and regard this to the key to the whole magical mystery. Most reports and publications tell about an almost alchemistic potion that will transform a cheap, low-quality violin into a million-dollar instrument. It’s…

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